The Euro Offroad Series built us up all morning, gave us a dozen exciting finals and then once they are done with its back to basics with 4wd stock! The come down rivals any base jump or skydive.

4wd Stock

In the 4wd Stock 10.5 class, Simon Stegmeier built on his 2wd Stock win by being fastest again with the 4wd car. Niklas Mahrle and Tim Kunz round out the top three.

Modified Truck

In Modified Truck, Jorn Neumann has set the pace with 2wd winner Micha Widmaier just behind. Jamiel Gabrielsson from Finland just behind in 3rd.

4wd Mod

And finally in the 4wd Mod class it was Schumacher Michal Orlowski fastest with team mate Jorn Neumann very close behind – the Schumachers looking really good at this track. Joona Haatanen went 3rd – we hope he has better luck in 4wd compared to his C Final win in 2wd.

Jorb Neumann making it look easy

Micha Widmaier will be looking for the double