EOS Rules Season #11 2023/24



The entry fees for the Euro Offroad Series are calculated by the demands of organizing big international races. Every racer needs to pay his entry fee in advance via bank transfer.

Entry fee for the first class: 60 €
Entry fee for the 2nd (and every other) class: 30 € per class


Race tires are available at the event and every racer must buy the marked controlled tires there.
2WD and 4WD Buggy: 18,50 € for each pair of tires (trackside)
Truck: 25 € for each pair of tires (trackside)



Changing the wheel diameter by gluing front 2WD Cut Stagger Tires to the wheel rims is NOT allowed.
You can apply some CA-glue to the outside of the tire to change the handling of the car, but you can NOT glut them down onto the rims.


The use of small computer power supplies is not allowed. The insurance we carry for EOS states that the equipment we use must be CE certified and these power supplies are not certified electric components so we cannot allow these.  The danger of using these are to great and we must have concern for everyone’s safety.


EOS allows any 2S hard case LiPo battery packs featuring. LiPo has to be charged in a special charging bag.

Max. battery voltage: 8.40 volts / Max. charging current: 12 amps / Max. discharging current: 20 amps.

These maximum charging and discharging currents are counting for the whole charger, not for a single channel of a charger. So if you use two channels in simultaneous mode, the total current arriving at the lipo battery is limited to a maximum of 12 amps for charging and 20 amps for discharging – and not more! It is not allowed to use two channels at 12 amps each to charge one lipo battery– that would be a charging current of 24 amps in total and is strictly forbidden. It is also not allowed to use any kind of battery warmers to lower the internal resistance of the lipo pack before and during the charging process.

If a driver comes to technical inspection with 8.44 volts or more he is not allowed to start in his next heat. When the battery voltage is from 8.41 to 8.43 volts the driver is allowed to discharge the battery down to 8.40 volts by accelerating and braking the car while holding it in his hands until the battery voltage is down to 8.40V.


The use of a Gyro or other electronic driving aids are not allowed.


No tire additives are allowed.


Motors are handled out in a raffle, meaning you will not receive the same motor at each race. It is absolutely forbidden to open the motors. Following the race the motors must be returned. The rental fee for the Stock Class motors is included in the Stock Classes entry fee.


Item2WD2WD Stock4WD4WD StockTruck ModTruck Stock
Tires indoor carpet frontU6801 Cut Stagger yellowU6801 Cut Stagger yellowU6898 Cactus Fusion 2U6898 Cactus Fusion 2U6882 or U6877 Stagger U6882 or U6877 Stagger
Tires indoor carpet rearU6839 Cactus YellowU6839 Cactus YellowU6839 Cactus YellowU6839 Cactus YellowU6878 Mini Pin YellowU6878 Mini Pin Yellow
MotorOpenLRP X22 13.5T handoutOpenLRP X22 10.5T handoutOpenLRP X22 13.5T handout
ESCOpen Own speedo blinky modeOpen Own speedo blinky modeOpen Own speedo blinky mode
Overall weight1480g1480g1590g1590g1700g1700g