2wd A-Main Leg 2

In Leg 2 this afternoon we were treated to a display of resolve as Michal Orlowski held off the competition as immense amounts of pressure were being applied. Jorn Neumann initially had Michal defending hard. Jorn then jumped short on the big double in the middle of the track and got a chassis slap. This delay meant that Joona landing plans were disrupted and two came together allowing Orlowski to break away. Joona and Jorn closed the gap agian, but were not able to pass.

11Michal ORLOWSKI145:11.30923.49523.856
23Joona HAATANEN145:11.52323.31023.841
32Jörn NEUMANN145:12.01223.26123.890
48Burak KILIC145:12.94723.24823.888
54Marcus KAERUP145:14.19823.12624.028
67Elias JOHANSSON145:21.07223.45024.517
76Pekko IIVONEN145:23.22023.27624.696
89Juan Carlos CANAS CARRASCO135:00.63323.38324.847
910Daniel KOBBEVIK135:02.58823.60224.973
105Micha WIDMAIER30:54.87025.22626.433