By now you should have watched the first Leg of the 2wd A-main on either the EuroRCSeries website or on RacewayOne’s Youtube channel…. So you know what happened. Just to give you a reminder, here is the Leg 1 results:

So there was huge anticipation on Leg 2 – could Widmaier come back and level the points? would Orlowski get through for a second time and take the win? Would another contender get involved and surprise us all?

Well, we were the full 5 minutes of the race awaiting our answer! Widmaier led from the start with Orlowski matching pace but not catching him. This progressed for 4 or 5 laps and the race settled down. The lead two gapped the battle for third between Lee Martin and Jorn Neumann. At the midpoint of the race, Orlowski started to close the gap to the leader. The Sworkz of Widmaier has excellent on-power steering, so he is able to be noticeably faster than Orlowski onto the straight. Widmaier makes enough of an advantage here that it takes Orlowki the full lap to reclaim the time. 

Orlowski now sitting on Widmaier’s back bumper was awaiting his opportunity possibly knowing that a pass before getting onto the straight would give a double advantage. He tried for a non-existent gap on the ripples before the chicane on the straight but could not make it stick. After catching back up with Widmaier over the following couple of laps another opportunity presented itself when the Sworkz had a bobble just before the straight. There was a drag race down the straight between the two cars. Orlowski on the inside braked too late for the hairpin at the end and broadsided Widmaier driving him wide, however the sudden drop in corner speed from the collision allowed Widmaier ti retain the position till the end. Its going to Leg 3!

In the 2wd Stock class Simon Stegmeier took the win with Leg 1 winner Mick Burbach all the way back in 7th. This gives Stegmeier a very good position for the overall win.

Watch Leg 2 here

And in the Stock Truck class Swen Braciak took the Leg 2 win to add to his 2nd place in Leg 1. Swen also is in an excellent position for the overall win, the rapid Philip Marzinger can snatch it from him.

Sven Braciak winning Leg 2

Truck Stock 13.5 A Main 2 EOS RD4 Season #9 2022 Daun, GER

2WD 13.5 A Main 2 EOS RD4 Season #9 2022 Daun, GER

2WD A Main 2 EOS RD4 Season #9 2022 Daun, GER

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