We have been treated to an outstanding display of speed and consistency in Round 4 of 2wd qualifying here in Daun, Germany. Michal Orlowski (Schumacher) and Micha Widmaier (Sworkz) have gone head to head for the forth time in an attempt to settle who will take pole position for tomorrows triple A-mains.

Michal was first off the line and immediately went into rapid fire mode setting pin-point perfect times lap after lap. Micha had a terrible first lap with some double bounces, overshoots and nudging hoses – dropping 1.5 seconds to Michal by lap 3. Based on the form we were seeing from Orlowski that 1.5 seconds looked to be unrecoverable – and were we so wrong!

You can check out the video of the heat here

Over about 4.5 minutes Micha Widmaier slowly started to make gains into Orlowski’s advantage. Little by little the gap shrunk and shrunk until the Sworkz was only a corner behind the Schumacher.

Micha would take the final round of qualifying by the slimest or margins – 0.12 seconds. This left Orlowski and Widmaier with two TQs each – Widmaier taking it on fastest time. A fantastic end to 2wd qualifying and a hint that we may have some epic finals.

Here is you A- Final listing:

In the Stock Truck Section, Philip Marzinger at last showed his potential and took the round. Chris Geier already has TQ – so now it comes down to the finals. This is going to be an unpredictable one!

And finally in the 2wd Stock class, Mick Burbach showed that he has not only bedded in well, but it also quick taking round 4 ahead of Laurant Jesus and Andy Woods. Tristam Neal had a problem and retired from the heat but remains on Pole Position for the finals.

Now we go the restaurant and bar to prepare ourselves for tomorrows finals!

2WD 13.5 Q4 EOS RD4 Season #9 2022 Daun, GER

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