There is a small part of my brain that always thinks that the finals are going to be clean and straight forward and we already know whos going to win before they’ve started – and I’m always WRONG! One thing that is always predictable is that the Euro Offroad Series will give us World Class finals from the best in the business.

In the 4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 pole position man Simon Stegmeier led away from the start initially gapping the rest of the field. Three quarters of the way through the first lap he turned in too hard on the a foam surface corner and half spun into the track markings. The car as stuck and was isolated from the marshall as the rest of the field passes though. Tim Kunz inherited the lead and initially made good ground to put himself more than the length of the straight ahead of the rest of the field. Niklas Marhle in third, was slowly reeling in Kunz, but not enough to put him under any sort of pressure. Kunz took the win, Marhle second, Dean Burbach in third.

Tim Kunz on his way to 4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 victory

4wd Stock A-Main Leg 1 results: 

In the Modified Truck Class – there was drama at the start from the back of the field which allowed Jorn Neumann to make a quick escape. He put an a fantastic display for the full 5 minutes taking the win easily. Once the dust had settle behind Jorn, Nico Schmid from 5th on the grid made it past Micha Widmaier to take 2nd.

Jorn Neumann on Pole Position

Modified Truck Leg 1 results:

Now for the main event – the 4wd Modified A-Main Leg #1

Well, what can we say? The master class from Michal Orlowski continues. Orlowski and Zalewski led a six car break away pack as there was an end of field pile-up early on during lap one. Zalewski was extremely fast but it looked like the car was being pushed to 110% – this is not sustainable. In contrast, Orlowski looked smooth and in control. 

Orlowski was just starting to gap the rest of the field when he tagged a track marker and got the car up on two wheels. He saved it, but the advantage he built over the first two laps was gone and the top 5 cars were now bunched together again.

Orlowski immediately started to build the gap again as Zalewski was more focused on defending his position from Joona. The 13 year old taking noticeably wider lines through the hairpins to stop an attempt from Haatanen around the outside. At the two and a half minute mark, Bartosz tagged a track marking and went over. The scramble between Joona, Neumann and Iivonen to claim the position was scrappy to say the least – Joona coming out on top. 

With Orlowski now check-ed out all eyes were focused on the battle for 2nd spot. The rest of the race was relatively uneventful with the top 5 well spaced out.