In the 4wd Stock class, Simon Stegmeier corrected the wrongs of Leg 1 to take the win. He had a clean run race finishing six seconds ahead of Leg 1 winner Tim Kunz with Chris Geier in 3rd. So likely going into Leg 3 it is between Stegmeier and Kunz for the win.

Simon Stegmeier kept it clean in Leg 2

In the Modified Truck class, Jamiel Gabrielsson managed to pinch the lead from Jorn Neumann and three minute game of cat & mouse ensued. Jorn would catch up to Jamiel and then have a bobble and drop back, catch up again and have another bobble and drop back. There was only one or two opportunities for this as Gabrielsson was so fast. Gabrielsson put in a calm and cool drive to secure the win, Jorn in a frantic second place. Micha Widmaier in a distant third.

Gabrielsson leading with Jorn on the hunt

In the 4wd Modified class, Leg 2 of the final was scrappy. Mistakes by all of the lead group made for an unsettles first half to the race – unforced errors from Orlowski, Zalewski and Haatanen all contributing.

The race started clean with no incidents all. You could feel the relief in the atmosphere as all drivers got the first lap under their belt.  On lap two, Orlowski put a wheel up on the track marking after the back double jump, causing him to run wide out of the next corner. This was Bartosz Zalewski’s opportunity to go up Orlowski’s inside and her didn’t waste the chance. But in an odd move, Bartosz’s lead was brief to say the least – on the very next corner he went tide and slow letting Orlowski back though into the lead. 

The field now bunched up behind Orlowski, you could sense the chance of disaster. Unfortunately on the back double, Zalewski jumped short, chassis slapped and cart wheeled off the circuit allowing Haatanen through. So at the midpoint of the race the order was Orlowski, Haatanen, Zalewski, Iivonen & Neumann.

Going into the first double, Haatanen made contact with the back of Orlowskis car, killing all of his speed. This meant that Orlowski could not take the double and had to single-single. In an attempt to take the lead, Joona goes for the clear double, but jumps off the track into the adjacent barrier. All this action puts Zalewski back into the lead for the second time.

Who is going to win this race!!!

A few corners after retaking the lead, Zalewski again jumps short on the back double and cart wheels off into the marshalls grip. Orlowski is restored to the front of the field, Pekko Iivonen in second, then Neumann, Haatanen and Zalewski. 

Orlowski and Iivonen then engaged in a close battle to the end – gapping the field which had backed up behind the Haatanen & Neumann battle for third. Haatanen would take the position after Neumann had an unluck spin on the last lap dropping several places.

So Orlowski takes Leg 2 of the 4wd Modified section and the overall win.