Schumacher top factory driver Michal Orlowski took TQ honours and the win at EOS in Hann. Münden. His new Cougar LD3 buggy worked extremeley well at the Florida Carpet Championships last week, and he didn`t slow down at the Transworld Hotel in Germany.
Michal`s car is equipped with Schumacher alloy hubs, dirt hubs, a brass radio tray, CF shock towers and wishbones, Anti-roll bars, and universal joint drive shafts.
On the power side, Michal used Sunpadow 3800mAh shorty lipos to power his Hobbywing ESC and Hobbywing 4.5T (!) Motor. A PowerHD GTS-3 servo is responsible to transform the precise steering inputs from his Sanwa M17 radio on track!

Body Shell: JConcepts F2
Speedo: Hobbywing XR10 Pro G2S
Motor: Hobbywing XeRuzn 4.5T G3
Battery: Sunpadow 3800mAh
Radio: Sanwa M17
Servo: Power HD GTS-3
Tires: Schumacher (EOS Handout)
Sponsors and support: Schumacher, Hobbywing, Sunpadow, PowerHD, Whitz Racing, MR33, ToniSport, Sanwa, T-Work`s, Core-RC, Trishbits, VP-Design, 33 Graphix, Orlowski Racing Line