4WD Q3 & Q4 Report, EOS Hann. Münden 2023

The Modified Truck and 4WD qualifying is over at the EOS race in Hann. Münden and the finals are up next. The action started very early on a cold Sunday morning and all racers looked a little tired in the first heats. However, we saw some very close racing, especially in the world class field of 4WD Modified Buggy.

4WD Modified Buggy

Coehlo wins Q4 and starts from P2 behind team-mate Ronnefalk – Orlowski on P3

Q3- On an early Sunday morning, David Ronnefalk was showing a great pace in Q3 of 4WD Modified Buggy qualifying. While even “feeling sick since last night”, Ronnefalk was the fastest on track with his Xray Buggy and had the best chances for the overall TQ . His team mate Bruno Coehlo from Portugal took second place (and fastest lap) from Q4, followed by Marcus Kaerup (Associated), Alexander Landen (Associated), and Daniel Kobbevik (Schumacher) who posted the fifth fastest time in the B-heat. The decision for TQ came down to the last round of qualifying and it was all between Schumacher`s Michal Orlowski and Xray`s David Ronnefalk.

Q4- Pole position was the price in Q4, and we expected a close battle between Michal Orlowski and David Ronnefalk. But however, Orlowski struggled with his pace during the entire run and it was Bruno Coehlo who had a stellar drive to take the final round of qualifying. He posted the fastest lap, and also the fastest overall runtime of the weekend. Bartosz Zalewski did amazingly well in Q4 and took second for the round to make it into the A-Main. As Coehlo took Q4, he will start from second on the grid behind his teammate Ronnefalk – a great result for the two Xray top guns. Michal Orlowski lines up third on the grid ahead of world champion Davide Ongaro, and Bartek Zalewski. Everything is prepared for a real nail-biter in the triple A-Mains of the 4WD Modified Buggy class.

4WD Stock Buggy

Nielsen wins Q3 but Waitz is top qualifier in Hann. Münden

Q3- Kim Nielsen won the third 4WD Stock Buggy qualifier on Saturday evening. He was 5 seconds faster as second placed racer Aaron Waitz who won the first and second round. The win brought Nielsen back into the fight for TQ on Sunday morning. Piotr Stankiewicz, Mike Hansen, and Sven Rudig completed the top 5 on a late Saturday evening!

Q4- Aaron Waitz was back on pace in the last round of qualifying. After winning Q1 and Q2 on Saturday evening, he took another win on Sunday morning and will start from pole position into the finals. Mike Hansen and Sven Rudig took second and third place in the last heat and the top 10 on the grid for the triple finals are: Aaron Waitz, Mike Hansen, Kim Nielsen, Sven Rudig, Piotr Stankiewicz, Mathias Mächler, Benedikt Heitzer, Max Krüger, Matti Strojek, and Martin Skar.

Modified Truck

Neumann is Mod Truck top qualifier

Q3- Micha Widmaier`s teammate Jörn Neumann striked back in Q3 of Modified Truck qualifying. Micha Widmaier had not the cleanest run and finished third behind Yokomo`s Burak Kilic. Mike Hansen and Christian Wukonig finished fourth and fifth for the round. The decision for pole position was shifter into the last round of qualifying. Widmaier had the faster runtime to his favor and Jörn Neumann was in need of a super-fast win in Q4 if he wanted to claim a last-minute pole position ahead of Widmaier.

Q4- Jörn Neumann will start from the sweet spot on the grid after also winning the last round of qualifying. With Neumann and Widmaier both winning two rounds, it came down to the tie breaker which saw the faster time for Jörn Neumann. Burak Kilic will start third on the grid with his Yokomo truck, followed by Senne Pauwels, Mike Hansen, and Christian Wukonig.