Dear EOS Family,

the season final of our EOS series is scheduled from 28th to 30th of January 2022 and the Registration on MyRCM is still OPEN. If you want to be part of one of the biggest indoor Offroad events, just sign up on MyRCM and join us in Daun for the EOS season final!

High number of entries to expect

Until now we have a total of 292 entries on the list which is a real amazing turnout for us. As we hope for even more entries, here is the link for the Registration once again!

Make your entry for the EOS final here:

Covid-19 rules “2G+”

At the last ETS race in Neumünster, we made very good experiences with our hygienie concept and we ran the complet event under the 2G+ rule, which helped a lot to get green lights from the local authorities of Schleswig-Holstein. The 2G+ rule requires an additional self-test every day for a maximum amount of safety for everybody in the hall.

We already talked with the local authorities of Rheinland-Pfalz (the state where Daun is located), to find out what will be the way to go for our EOS race in the Sporthotel Grafenwald and it will be 2G+ as well.
To make the testing as easy as possible for everybody, we were able to hire a pharmacy that will send their stuff to the hotel to do the daily Covid-19 tests directly in the facility of the Sporthotel Grafenwald. We are very happy with this solution as your health is the most important thing for us!

When there will be any changes we will inform you on time but for now the 2G+ rule is the way to go!

We hope to welcome all of you in Daun to make it an unforgettable EOS season final!

Uwe, Scotty and the whole EOS crew!

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