Qualifying has at last begun here at Round 4 of the 2020/2021/2022 Euro Offroad Series from Daun, Germany. First up is the Stock truck class, followed by 2wd Stock and rounded off by 2wd Modified.

Based on the Stock Trucks first qualifying heat it looks like we are in for some very exciting races. Chris Geier (below) set the fastest time with a very smooth and controlled drive. His main rival Philip Marzinger was faster at times but was hindered with mistakes. I can see a major battle developing and 3rd place man Christian Wukonig may get involved also.

In 2wd Stock, first blood went to Trish Neal – a fraction ahead of Mick Burbach. Trish has had success in the class many times before, so it will be very good to see him pushed along by Burbach or another challenger. A closer look at Trish’s Schumacher LD2 (below) is available on RacewayOne.com.

All the thrilling action was in the top heat – as expected. Micha Widmaier is the pace setter and led the qualifying heat from the go using his Sworkz chassis. The car looks to have lots of low speed front grip and looks fast though the slippy/grippy/slippy foam section. Michal Orlowski (below right) held second for most of the heat and was running on roughly the same pace as Widmaier. Orlowski’s consistency would reward him when Widmaier made an unforced error on the last lap allowing Orlowski to clain the TQ for round 1.

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