Dear EOS family,

a few weeks ago we informed you about EOS RD2 to take place in Great Britain for the very first time! The EOS circus will travel to Worksop to find out who will be the fastest at a very special venue with a unique track surface. Everybody at the EOS is looking forward to this race in October, and we hope to welcome as many drivers as possible when the EOS goes UK!

Registration opens on Friday 1 July 2022

We will open the registration for EOS RD3 in Worksop on Friday 1 July 2022 at 8:00 pm on MyRCM.

As soon as the registration is open, you can use this link to reach the MyRCM page for placing your entry.
Don`t hesitate to sign up and let the hosting club in Worksop know about your participation as early as possible!

Special Info about EOS RD3 in Worksop

Entries will be on MyRCM and payment needs to be made as PayPal to friends and family to:

The entry fee is £45 GBP per class.
Make sure to send the right amount of british pounds to the club, and please write down your name and your racing classes in your paypal transaction!

Tyres for the event are the controlled Schumacher Honeycomb. These will be pre glued versions and have to be purchased at the event from the organisers. They will be the following part numbers that are pre built using the Cragg insert:

U6874 – 4wd Front

U6875 – Rear

U6876 – 2wd Front

Tyres will have to be brand new for the start of practice on Friday and will be marked. A second set will then be required for qualifying and these will also be marked. The tyres get faster as they wear, so this is the best way we can make the racing as fair and equal as possible for all. The tyres will need to be unmodified and exactly as they come out of the package!

Hotel Recommendations

The Worksop RC club provided the following list of hotels, which are a 10-15 minutes drive away from the track:

Travelodge Worksop
St. Anne’s Drive
Dukeries Mill
S80 3QD

The Lock Keeper
Sandy Lane
S80 1TJ

This hotel is around a 15 minute drive away:
Travelodge Blyth A1 (M)
A1(M, Moto Service Area
Hilltop Roundabout
S81 8HG

About Worksop and their Radio Car Club

Worksop is a market town with 45.000 residents. It is located in Nottinghamshire, not far away from the city of Sheffield. The closest Airports are Doncaster Sheffield and Nottingham East Midlands but these don’t have too many flight options for the EU. The larger airports which are both within around a 1:45 hour drive away are Birmingham and Manchester which you should be able to find many flights too.

The venue in Worksop (Indoor) is one of the largest for RC events in the UK. The club is holding events each month throughout the winter and these races are usually attracting large numbers of 1:10 scale offroad racers. The local Worksop Radio Car Club will be the host of the event, and the whole EOS crew is really excited to go to Great Britain for some serious EOS racing!

Race Facts for EOS RD2 in Worksop

Date: 07. – 09. Oktober 2022
Venue address: North Notts Community arena, Eastgate, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England. S80 1QS.
Host: Worksop Radio Car Club
Track: Indoor Offroad
Surface: Rubberised cork style floor with wooden jumps
Track Size: 35 x 16 meters
Catering: Bar with hot and cold food as well as a selection of drinks

Special track surface will make this EOS race UNIQUE

The track surface will be something new for most EOS racers who are not based close to Worksop. The track is built on a ground which can get explained in the best way as a rubberised cork style floor. Wooden jumps and ramps that can be changed for every event are also owned by the Worksop Radio Car Club. The driver stand features enough space for 10 drivers and offers a perfect overview above the race track.  

The tyres that are working the best on the special Worksop track are the Schumacher Honeycomb (Front and Rear.) These tyres were specifically designed for that kind of surface and they work brilliantly right out of the bag. For the EOS in Worksop, the same tyres will be in use to ensure the best possible racing action in Great Britain.

The venue has a bar for hot and cold food and drinks all on site. To support the venue, no food or drinks from anywhere else is allowed to be consumed in the facility. Tables and chairs will be provided for all racers arriving from different countries. The UK based drivers must bring their own tables and chairs to the event! Mains power is also provided at the venue.

We are looking forward to something new as the EOS goes overseas to the United Kingdom for the very first time!

Uwe, Scotty and the whole EOS crew!