After we have seen the first pictures of a very interesting “MRO Inspire4” prototype at the EOS in Daun, we had the chance to talk to the people behind the project again. Enjoy the interview with Yavuz, and some more pictures of the car!

Hi guys, thank you for your time. What has changed since you have shown your prototype car to the public at the EOS? Did you receive some questions and requests for the car?

We have actually received many enquiries from different countries and private persons. It was very impressive and almost frightening ;)! Instagram and Facebook and also the messages from friends who knew nothing about it. There was a lot of praise for the design and also some people who said directly that they absolutely wanted the car.

Who are the guys behind the (in RC racing) relatively unknown “MRO” brand and where did the idea came from to produce your own 1:10 scale Offroad Buggy?

There are three of us! David Orbell – Mr.O, me (Yavuz Kura) – Mr. K and our mutual friend, who is “still” unknown in the RC scene and operates in the background and wants to stay that way. However, we are looking for another “partner” who can and will possibly help us with his experience. But more on that later, when it’s finalised 😉

How long have you been working on the project already and who is responsible for the very unique design?

David built the very first prototype back in 2016 and the version we have now is already 5 years old. David tried to get this project off the ground with a former partner. He was also involved until mid-2023 but then withdrew from the project for personal reasons.

What do you think are the most special features on the Inspire4 compared to other 4Wd Buggy’s on the market?

The special features of our car are the weight distribution, aerodynamics and the low centre of gravity and weight. The vehicle presented in Daun had a weight of 1666gr. and that with the heavy aluminium parts, without titanium screws and so on. A current car (competitor stock version, with a lot of titanium and aluminium drive shafts) had a weight of 1660gr. So we can balance the weight in the car as we need it.

What was the feeling when you were putting down the very first prototype of the car with many 3D printed parts on the track in Göttingen for a first serious shakedown?

I’ll start a little earlier! When I had the Inspire4 in my hands for the first time, that was almost exactly 2 years ago. My friend had one of the first prototypes. That was a “wow” feeling! Sometime in the late summer of 2022, at a dinner together, my friend said that he would like to see the car on the track and it would be even better if it was a professional driver!

He had doubts about my driving skills! 🙂 I then asked one of my closest Rc buddies if he could introduce himself, he could, so we just had to find a date that suited us all. When we met in Göttingen and made all the preparations we were ready to go! Our expectations weren’t high, we just wanted to see which direction the tour would take.

When the driver came down the stairs after a few laps, he smiled and said “YES, that feels good!” We knew it could be quick. After a few changes by David, the time had come and the car became faster and more consistent. When we saw the time, we could only smiled with joy!

Are you planning to race with the car at an official race soon, or is there even more testing going on?

Yes, that is our goal, but we still need to discuss and change some points that we are not so happy with. When the cars are ready, tests are planned first and then the races. We only tested the car on a flat track and so the motto is “test, test and test again!”

We really put a lot of passion into it and want it to work. If the tests are successful, we really hope we can get someone to drive the car! 😉

We are sure that some people out there want to get their hands on one of these cars soon. What is your goal with the car and the brand and when can we expect to see car kits arriving in hobby shops?

I think we are realistic enough to say that we are still a long way from this goal. How do they say in Star Wars “in a galaxy far, far away”! But yes, that is our goal……

Thank you very much for your time and the information about the MRO Inspire4