The biggest EOS in Daun is done and dusted…. And what a show of racing it was. We are very proud and happy about the outcome of the event and here are our 5 things we have learned from the weekend….

1) Racers from 22 (!) different countries in attendance

Not only the huge turnout with 500+ entries was amazing. We had been able to welcome racers from 22 different countries all over the world. We like to say THANK YOU for coming to our wonderful racers from:
Austria | Belgium | Switzerland | Czech Republic | Germany | Denmark | Finland | France | Great Britain | Greece | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Luxembourg | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | South Africa | Sweden | Spain | Turkey | United States of America

2) The new Mugen MSB1 made it straight into the A-Main

A new buggy was highly anticipated before the event – the Mugen Seiki MSB1 2WD. Mugen Seiki`s factory drivers Berkan and Burak Kilic received their cars a couple of days before the event in plastic bags, and both were hitting the track without any practice. Both showed a great pace with their “out of the box” cars and Burak was able to make the A-Main in a world class field of drivers. Burak finished 6th overall and made it a perfect debut for the new Mugen buggy on the biggest stage in Europe!

3) 4 cars in the final – great debut for the new Team Associated B7

Another new 2WD Buggy was in the spotlight in Daun – the Team Associated B7. The team was in attendance with many top guns such as Ongaro, Kaerup, Haatanen, the Hall brothers, Landen, and Rasmussen. At the end, four of the new B7 cars made it into the A-Main at the biggest ever EOS race. The car showed a great speed and only Schumacher star Michal Orlowski was able to beat them. Joona Haatanen finished on a very strong second place overall with the new B7. Congratulatons to the AE team for their strong showing in Daun!

4) A young generation is taking over

Michal Orlowski`s father Maciej drew our reporter’s attention to the fact that Michal Orlowski and Burak Kilic had been the oldest drivers in the 2WD A-Main. What an incredible fact when you consider that both drivers were born in 2001. A young generation is taking command of the 1:10 electric off-road scene, and the “old hands” will have to stretch themselves more and more in the future if they want to keep up with the next generation of stars in our world of racing.

5) The EOS racetrack was awesome…!

The “Spirit of the Event” award went to the Race Stars Poland crew around Pawel Ntkovca and his team. They did a great job with designing the track layout and maintaining it during all the long days of racing. It is one thing to draw a track layout, but it is another thing to bring the drawing to live. The Race Stars made the track looking awesome, and all racer`s had been realld happy with it as the layout was challenging but not too difficult in the same way.

Fun Fact: Piotr Stankiewicz from the Race Stars crew also managed to win the EOS Stock championship title as he made it into the A-Main in 2WD and 4WD Stock in Hann. M√ľnden and Daun. He finished on the podium two times (2nd and 3rd place) and scored another 5th and 6th place – great job Piotr!