The grid is set!

After the three rounds of qualifying, everybody knows where to start in tomorrow’s finals. It was a very long day with a massive number of heats on the track. Now, all drivers will have a good night of sleep to be ready for tomorrows 2WD showdown – and the start into the 4WD portion of the event.

2WD Modified Buggy

Champlin sweeps 2WD qualifying

It was a late evening Q3 going on in the 2WD Modified Buggy class where US boy Broc Champlin took another win to sweep 2WD qualifying at EOS RD3 in Daun. Broc had a slow start into the run and it was Micha Widmaier leading in the early stages with Orlowski and Kaerup in tow. But as the run continued, it was once again Champlin who made no mistakes and found even more pace from the middle to the end of the race. He was the only driver making the extra lap (only 18-lap run of the day) and took the win from Widmaier, a much-improved Orlowski, Lee Martin, and Alexander Landén. Broc Champlin will start from the best spot on the grid at his first ever EOS race, and he will see Widmaier, Martin, and Orlowski charging hard to catch him in the triple A-Mains.

A-Main grid after 3 rounds of qualifying

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2WD Stock Buggy

Bidovsky takes Q3 and jumps onto A-Main train for Saturday

Aleš Bidovsky from the Czech Republic had a bad first and second qualifier with just no luck. With an impressive TQ run at the last chance, he secured himself a spot in the A-Main with P6 on the grid. A great job from Aleš Bidovsky. While Bidovsky managed to make the main, it is German youngster Mick Burbach who will start from pole position into the finals. Matus Benetin and Simon Stegmeier will start from second and third and will throw everything they can at Burbach to challenge him for the win. A nail biting thriller is ahead of us and everybody is already excited for the A-Mains of the Stock Buggy class at EOS RD3 in Daun.

A-Main grid after 3 rounds of qualifying

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Stock Truck

Becker wins Q3 to line up second on the grid

In the last qualifying heat of the Stock Truck class, Jens Becker stepped on stage and took the win from Kai König and overall TQ Christian Wukonig. This TQ run puts Becker to second on the grid, with Kai König starting in third place. The Stock Truck class is a lot of fun to watch and the racing in tomorrows mains will be awesome for sure – don`t miss the action!

The track is really cool and my truck is working well. For tomorrows finals I try to have fun with the guys on track and then we will see what happens!

Jens Becker (DE), Xray

A-Main grid after 3 rounds of qualifying

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Now, after we are done with 2WD qualifying, drivers are looking forward to a good night of sleep until the finals will take place on Saturday morning. Don`t miss the action and follow our stream in the “LIVE” section. To get quickly to the results of all classes simply navigate to the “RESULTS” area on our landing page.

Enjoy the EOS grand final in Daun together with us – no matter where you are!