2WD Modified Buggy

Schumacher`s Champlin celebrates overall victory at EOS in Germany

A1 – On the sound of the tone, Broc Champlin launched his LRP powered Schumacher car off the line and never looked back. He had an excellent race out front and won A1 with a comfortable gap of 3,7 seconds in front of a great driving Alexander Landén, coming all the way from P7 on the grid to the two spot. Before Landen finished the race in second, we saw a lot of drivers racing between P2 and P5, dropping back and moving up again. Lee Martin, Michal Orlowski, Martin Bayer, and Micha Widmaier all had tough moments in their race and a lot happened until Champlin took the win from Landen, Bayer, Orlowski, and Kaerup. A big break for Champlin at his first ever EOS appearance.

A2 – After he took a dominant win in the first A-Main, Broc Champlin felt a little more pressure in the second final as Micha Widmaier and Michal Orlowski were able to match his pace for most of the run. But as Broc made no single mistake again, the other drivers behind him had simply no chance to attack the driver from the United States. After Widmaier and Orlowski had disappeared from Champlin`s rear-view mirror in the last two laps, he cruised to the overall victory in the 2WD Modified Buggy class here at the EOS season final – congratulations Broc Champlin. Marcus Kaerup took second place in A2 and the fight for the positions on the podium beside race winner Champlin is still wide open!

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67007/298780?key=203

2WD Stock Buggy

Burbach wins A1 and A2 to seal the deal in the big Stock Buggy class

A1 – The first 2WD Stock Buggy A-Main was a great race to watch. Mick Burback had a good start from first place, but everybody else got off the line good as well and the field was racing as they had qualified until Matus Benetin made a mistake on the ToniSport back side double. But Matus was able to close his gap to Burbach to 0.5 of a second again until the 2-minute mark of the race. Then it was race leader Mick Burback making a small mistake in the infield section of the track and Benetin took over the lead to hand it back to Burbach again one lap afterwards. Benetin dropped back to third spot and Wouter Wynen had inherited the second place. A thrilling first final race saw Mick Burbach crossing the line 2.9 seconds ahead of Wouter Wynen in second, and Matus benetin in third place. Jonas Martens had a strong race and worked his way from 10th on the grid up fourth place. Simon Stegmeier finished fifth.

A2 – Mick Burbach continued where he stopped in A1 – with converting a pole position into a win. He was leading the race fir the entire 5 minutes and had a descent run on the very challenging and flowing EOS racetrack. Matus Benetin was on a slightly faster pace (when looking on the fastest lap), but his medium time was a bit slower and therefore he could not challenge TQ Burbach for the win this time. However, Matus Benetin finished second in A2 and has the best chances to take the runner up spot here in Daun. Congratulations for the overall win to Mick Burbach. It is the second EOS win of his carreer and the first one for his new Xray team.

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67007/298779?key=203

Stock Truck

Wukonig and Märzinger to battle it out in deciding A3

A1 – All drivers got off the line very good and the entire field was pushing hard in the very first lap of the race. TQ Christian Wukonig was leading, and behind him it was Jens Becker who made the first costly mistake of the race as he rolled his truck after getting it wrong after the ToniSport back side double. Kai König took full advantage of it and moved up to second place – only to make the same mistake as Becker in the next lap. In the front, Christian Wukonig had a huuuuge lead and the fight for positions 2 to 5 got very hot some seconds behind him. Wukonig made no mistake and brought home a comfortable win by 4.5 seconds from Kai König and Philipp Märzinger.

A2 – In the second Stock Truck A-Main, Christian Wukonig looked like a real winner. He had a decent lead ahead of the competition until he crashed in the very last lap handing the win to a hard pushing Philipp Märzinger. With Wukonig and Märzinger having both won one final now, we will see the decision for the overall win coming down to the third and last Stock Truck A-Main.

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67007/298778?key=203