2WD Modified Buggy

Schumacher locks the front row on the grid as Kobbevik takes Q4

Q3- Michal Orlowski took another win in Q3 with David Ronnefalk right behind him in second spot. As the race started, it was Bruno Coelho who had the best pace as he was on top of the leaderboard. But Bruno had tough luck as he had a short landing in the infield section and got hit by a car from behind. “Bad Karma” was how Bruno called it after the race. When looking on the result, Bruno lost around 4 seconds in this incident and was 3.5 seconds behind heat winner Orlowski. Could have been a TQ run for the Xray driver without these circumstances. The decision for TQ came don to the line in Q4 between Orlowski and Ronnefalk while all the others aimed for another good result to line up right behind the leaders!

Q4- TQ was up for grabs in the last one but it was quickly clear that Ronnefalk missed a little bit of pace in his car. In the Interview after the run, he said that he misses “0.1 to 0.2 per lap on average” to the guys in front. He also said that he will “try everything to attack the two Schumacher cars” in front of him in the finals. Top qualifier is Michal Orlowski – he was leading the heat all time and slowed down a little in the end which allowed his teammate Kobbevik to win Q4 and to also take second on the grid away form Ronnefalk. A clever team game from the two Schumacher top guns. Can Schumacher take the win here in the 2WD class, or can the world champion duo of Ronnefalk and Coelho win it for Xray? We will find out tomorrow morning!

It was good! The only mistake I made today was at the end of Q1 which made it a little more difficult for me but in the end, everything worked out very well. Daniel (Kobbevik) is very strong, he will line up second and we have 5 cars in the final which is really good. I will try to enjoy the three finals and I am feeling very confident now. I will go immediateley to bed after dinner as I am still a little tired after my USA trip.

Michal Orlowski (PL) Schumacher | Hobbywing

2WD Modified Buggy starting grid

TQ Michal Orlowski (PL) Schumacher | Hobbywing
2. Daniel Kobbevik (DK) Schumacher | LRP
3. David Ronnefalk (SE) Xray | Corsatec
4. Bruno Coelho (PT) Xray | Hobbywing
5. Lee Martin (GB) Schumacher |Scorpion
6. Elias Johansson (SE) Schumacher | Dash
7. Tommy Hall (GB) Associated | Reedy
8. Davide Ongaro (IT) Associated | Hobbywing
9. Alexander Landen (SE) Associated | Hobbywing
10. Jessica Palsson (SE) Schumacher |LRP

The triple A-Mains are scheduled for Saturday morning, and we expect a great show with the best in teh business here at the Transworld Hotel Auefeld in Hann. Münden,GER.

FACT: In tomorrows 2WD A-Mains, we will have a total of EIGHT IFMAR world championship titles lining up on the grid (Coelho (4), Ongaro (3), Ronnefalk (1) – just amazing!

2WD Stock Buggy

Q3 and Q4 goes to Pauwels, but Nielsen`s Q1 and Q2 result is enough for overall TQ

Q3– Senne Pauwels was the man in Q3 where he drove a clinic race to take the TQ for the round. Kim Nielsen made many mistakes and scored a throw out result in Q3. Piotr Stankiewicz, Aaron Waitz, Mike Hansen, and Philipp Märzinger finished in the top 5 and the overall decision for the 2WD Stock Buggy TQ was moved into the last round of qualifying!

Q4– It was another TQ run from Senne Pauwels in the last heat of qualifying. He drove the fastest lap of the heat by far (18.734) but his overall runtime was not quick enough to steal the TQ away from Q1 and Q2 winner Kim Nielsen. Mike Hansen secured himself P3 on the grid in front of Benedikt Heitzer, and Piotr Stankiewicz. The triple A-Mains will take place on Saturday morning and we expect nothing that a great and fair fight for the win!

A bit of a lucky TQ but I`ll take it. I expect a nice batte in the triple A-Mains tomorrow. I will refresh my shocks and the diff to make sure everything is allright. Already looking forward to race! with the others!

Kim Nielsen (DK) Schumacher

Stock Truck

Hansen wins Q3 and Q4 and take slast-minute TQ away from Wukonig

Q3 – After Christian Wukonig won the first two rounds of qualifying at the Transworld Hotel Auefeld, he was close to seal the overall TQ in Q3 of the Stock Truck class. But this time it was Mike Hansen who took the win ahead of Wukonig who had a few bubbles in his 5-minute run. Mike Hansen was on point, drove the fastest lap of the heat (19.9), the fastest overall runtime so far, and was back in the fight for pole position ahead of a deciding Q4.

Q4– We saw another great run from Danish racer Mike Hansen. He outpaced Q1 and Q2 winner Christian Wukonig by a huge gap of 7 (!) seconds and will now start from the pole position into the triple A-Mains. Behind Hansen and Wukonig, Marco and Esmee Briers will start in the second row while Michael Weber rounded out the top 5 at the end of Stock Truck qualifying!